Fire Protection for Restaurants

5  Tips for Fire Protection for Restaurants

Restaurants are more at risk for fire than any other commercial building. Cooking oils, hot temperatures, and a sometimes chaotic environment create a scenario that can lead to a grease fire.

Implementing the proper fire protection equipment and fire protection for restaurants plan can help avoid a devastating event.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that there are over 7,400 restaurant fires each year, causing an average of three deaths, over 110 injuries, and cause an estimated $165 million dollars in damage annually.

Having a fire protection plan can greatly reduce the potential of a fire, and protect your staff and investment in your business.

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Installation of proper fire protection equipment is a crucial step in reducing the potential of a fire. Fire Safe Protection Systems, LP recommends the following systems for your restaurant.

Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

According to the NFPA, over sixty percent of fires are centered around cooking equipment. Your commercial kitchen requires a superior automatic fire suppression system.

These fire protection for restaurant systems use foam extinguishing agents to remove the oxygen from the fire, putting out the flames without any residue to clean up.

Kitchen Hood Systems

Venting kitchen fumes and heat outside require a kitchen hood and ventilation system. Frequent cleaning of your kitchen hood system will reduce grease build-up.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Protect your entire restaurant with a sprinkler system. Protect your dining area with a fire sprinkler system and will reduce spreading in the event of a restaurant fire. Keep fire alarm pull stations clear from obstruction as well.

Emergency Lighting Systems

Fire and power outages can leave your staff and guests unable to find their way to safety. An emergency lighting system can direct everyone out of the building to safety.

Fire Protection for Restaurants

Additional Fire Protection for Restaurant Tips

Installing fire protection equipment is a great first step in fire safety. Here are additional tips to promote positive fire protection for restaurants.

Installing fire protection equipment isn’t enough to prevent a fire. That’s why you should also have your staff trained in fire prevention best practices and understand how to respond in a fire emergency.





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