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Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems

Automatic fire sprinkler systems are designed to use water to eliminate flames in the event of a fire. The effectiveness of these systems is so great they’re no longer found solely in commercial buildings, but residential buildings as well. In fact, most fires begin while cooking which is most commonly done in residential homes and apartment buildings.

The effectiveness of these systems depends on the maintenance and integrity of the system as a whole. It’s imperative to ensure each building has effective coverage and the system is well maintained.

We specialize in retrofitting and remodeling existing systems to protect your occupants and property.

We have serviced and repaired hundreds of sprinkler systems and can design innovative, effective, and easy to maintain systems to ensure the protection of your most valuable assets.

Our fire sprinkler system services include:

A network of piping filled with water ready to activate individual sprinkler heads based on temperature thresholds.

This system is similar to a wet pipe system but is used in areas where freezing conditions can occur. This system is filled with air or nitrogen gas in the pipes and water is released into the pipes upon activation of the sprinkler heads.

A wet system activated by smoke or heat detectors that douse water or foam through a sprinkler, nozzle, or foam generator. These systems are used in high-hazard areas.

Is similar to a dry pipe system. These systems are activated by independent detection and valve releasing to suppress fire in certain isolated areas.


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