System Tagging

Red, yellow, white, or blue, regardless of the color of the tag we’re here to help you.

Anytime inspection, service, or maintenance is being conducted on a life safety system, a tag or label must be left on the associated riser or panel by a certified professional designating the outcome of the work performed. This information is supplied to the building owner and the designated authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Red Tag/Label

The system has been deemed impaired, faulty, or inoperable and could pose a life safety risk. This information is relayed immediately to the designated building contact and the AHJ within 1 – 3 business days.

Yellow Tag/Label

The system has been found to be non-compliant.  These tags are typically a result of poor maintenance or degradation due to the elements. This information should be relayed to the designated building contact and the AHJ within 5 days.

Blue Tag/Label

The system passed inspection with no issues found.

White Tag /Label

The system has been worked on and any impairments have been fixed.

If your building has been tagged due to deficiencies, it’s time to tag us in. Our licensed professionals can easily troubleshoot and correct impairments and will promptly remove the tag after retesting the system to ensure proper functionality.

What about suppression tags?

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