4 Local Fire Code Violations

4 Fire Code Violations of Local Fire Code You Might Be Committing

Installing a fire protection system is the first step in committing to the security and safety of your building and those who visit your property. Their very lives depend on that system to ensure that they are safe in the event of a fire emergency.

Regular inspections provide reassurance that your fire protection system meets local fire code requirements and avoid Fire Code Violations. Here are four common Fire Code Violations that can prevent the effectiveness of your fire protection system, and prevent the protection of your property and the people inside.

Dirty Smoke Detectors in Ductwork Fire Code Violations

Keep the smoke detectors that are installed inside your air handling system ductwork clean, in proper working order, and regularly tested. Many larger buildings have smoke detectors installed in their air handling system in ductwork and dust systems. These internal smoke detectors notify smoke from motors, fans, and air filters as an early warning system.

Large systems with large air filters also mean that there is a great number of air filters causing filters to clog quickly. Changing your air filter frequently will reduce fire hazards due to a clogged air filter’s flammable debris.

Obstructed Fire Exits Fire Code Violations

Keep fire exits clear from obstruction and easily accessible is crucial for public safety. Remove any clutter or furniture in or around emergency exit pathways.

Restaurant owners must ensure nothing is blocking any secondary exit doors in customer-accessible areas or employee work areas. Maintaining clear and accessible fire exits is a simple way to ensure your fire protection measures will pass inspection.

Blocked Pull Stations for Fire Alarms Fire Code Violations

Fire alarm pull stations are quite common in commercial buildings. Many times this critical equipment can be blocked by furniture, storage boxes, plants, or other office equipment.

Oftentimes these areas are blocked inadvertently. Educate staff of their location and label the areas clearly so that they do not become obstructed by accident.

Air Diffusers Located Near Smoke Detectors Fire Code Violations

Air diffusers are frequently added following an HVAC renovation. These diffusers can be placed near the smoke detectors in your building. These diffusers can emit excessive dust or debris that can build-up over the smoke detector sensor.

If this happens, it can result in false alarms, or even worse, a non-functional smoke detector during a time that it is needed the most.

Do You Need a Fire Code Violations Inspection

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