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Fire & Security Systems Monitoring

Fire & Security System Monitoring

Fire & Security Systems Monitoring

We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year continuously monitor all critical equipment and providing immediate notification of any emergencies or impairments.

Our services include:

On average, fire departments across the U.S. respond to a fire every 24 seconds resulting in thousands of deaths and billions of dollars in loss of property. Immediate notification of these events is imperative to mitigating loss and risk. Our team is trained to quickly identify the type of alarm, as well as the location of the event to dispatch emergency responders if necessary. In addition, system performance is constantly monitored and building personnel is notified immediately if any impairments are identified.

We’re there when you need us the most. Save money and increase peace of mind with security system monitoring. We provide immediate warning of intrusion both onsite and offsite protecting people and property, immediately notifying responding personnel of emergency situations. Access control monitoring is an excellent source for employee and personnel supervision, and window and door sensors alert with any disturbance. Having your system monitored may also reduce property insurance costs.

The designated area of refuge location(s) is generally required in public and high-rise buildings to protect occupants who may not be capable of evacuation. These areas are clearly labeled and designed to keep occupants safe in an emergency. A call button is required in each area to be used by occupants to send a distress signal in an emergency. These call buttons must be monitored by an approved monitoring company.

To ensure safety on large campuses and event venues many customers opt for outdoor emergency call capabilities. These buttons are equipped with a blue dome light for easier visibility for anyone who needs emergency assistance.

Keep your elevator cabs compliant with ANSI, ASTME, IBC, and NFPA codes with two-way voice monitoring services. In the event of an elevator malfunction resulting in trapped passengers, these occupants can press the call button to render aid.

Pools and spas in hotels, athletic clubs, apartment buildings, and other facilities with pool and spa services are required to have emergency telephone monitoring. These phones must be capable of immediately summoning emergency personnel and need to be readily accessible within 200 feet from the water with clear instructions for use.

Mobile personal emergency monitoring for personal panic buttons is a great option for many of our senior living and assisted living facilities. When a resident falls, monitored panic buttons can signal emergency services with just one push so loved ones aren’t stranded on the floor for days without being able to get help.

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