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Security & Sound Emergency Communication Systems

An intrusion alarm system is a network of reliable sensors and detectors strategically placed throughout the facility alerting onsite security the moment an intrusion is detected while eliminating potential false alarms.

Bosch B and G Series are all of your security solutions integrated into one system.  These systems are designed to integrate with access control, intrusion alarms, and IP video to provide the right solution for small applications such as retail stores, to large applications such as office buildings, warehouses, banks, and more. With B Series and G Series control panels, you can control up to 32 doors with access control, nearly 600 protection points, and 2,000 users.

Access control systems are software-based systems with electronic locking mechanisms that allow authorized personnel entry to a restricted area or building with a keycard or code.

Bosch access control systems make security simple.  Many of these systems can be controlled remotely or with mobile app capabilities for enhanced security and easy access of use. The systems are versatile and scalable to fit all of your security needs and can easily be integrated with other building systems for optimal use.

Communication is key when it comes to safety. Our systems can be designed for mass notification in emergency situations, or simply for routine announcements. Easily manage essential messaging across all of your facilities using the public address and emergency notification response systems.

A mass notification system is a key component of any disaster readiness plan. Be heard loud and clear within your building and throughout your campus with a mass notification sound system. These systems clearly articulate warning messages to the public and employees communicating any potential disaster that may come.

Respond with confidence using the Cerberus PRO with voice capabilities for mass notification. This system easily integrates into existing fire and security systems with predefined scenarios providing guidance for simple, streamlined operations. This system’s reach expands beyond your campus with email, SMS, text, and social media alert capabilities to connect with anyone anywhere.

Area of rescue systems are required in many high-rises, industrial, parking garage, institutional, and entertainment buildings to aid occupants incapable of moving floor-to-floor in seeking shelter if an emergency occurs. These areas are designed as a temporary safe zone with two-way communication systems to be able to communicate with rescue personnel until every occupant has been evacuated.

Jeron ProAlert 480 Area of Rescue Intercom System is easy to install and integrate into existing buildings. This system operates on a common Cat-5 bus which requires a minimal need for conduit, wire, and extensive labor. This system is also expandable to provide multiple stations on one system.

We can customize your systems to cater to emergency response incidents such as active shooter, weather-related emergencies, and medical response incidents.


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