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Emergency Responder Radio Communication

Emergency Responder Radio Communications

Emergency Responder Radio Communication

Imagine talking to a client on your cellphone, as you enter the office building or elevator cab the call is dropped. You’ve entered a “dead zone”. Thousands of firefighters, police officers, and paramedics across the U.S. are faced with this similar problem every day; the difference is, they’re trying to save a life.

These “dead zones” can be caused by thick construction materials, radio frequency interference, and other obstructions disrupting the radio waves used to communicate across the public safety communication system. Poor signals often disrupt the fire command efforts, dispatch communication, emergency responder accountability, and safety.

Responder communication abilities are often lacking as newer codes requiring signal strength testing and amplification have only been adopted in 28 states.  On average:

(2017 International Association of Fire Chiefs Survey, Dec. 2017)

Emergency Responder Radio Communications

The Houston Construction Code requires Emergency Responder Radio Communication in all buildings since June 6, 2018.

We proudly offer signal strength surveys and communication enhancing solutions in the form of distributed antenna systems (DAS) and bi-directional amplifiers (BDA) for emergency responder radio coverage systems (ERRC) to allow for more effective communication.

BDA and DAS systems must be designed and installed by certified professionals. All systems must be FCC complaint, clearly display an FCC ID number, and the required compliance labels to be considered acceptable by inspectors and local authorities.

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