Fire Safety For Data Centers and Server Rooms

Data centers and server rooms pose a significant fire hazard that many times goes unnoticed. A fire in this area of your business can result in the loss of critical data and interruptions of day-to-day business which can be very costly. It is crucial that you have a fire safety for data centers and server room plan in place to prevent a catastrophic fire. We all prefer to prevent a fire, rather than to deal with the aftermath.

Conduct a Professional Risk Analysis

Conducting a professional fire risk assessment is the initial step in your fire safety for data centers and server room plans. Our fire inspection and risk assessment teams are experts in system requirements and fire codes for data centers and server rooms. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 75,

The standard for the Fire Protection of Information Technology Equipment provides the requirements for the protection of data and information technology equipment, IT areas, and data storage facilities. Fire safety for data centers and server room plans should be a part of your operating procedures if you manage a data center or are in the process of building a server room.

Install the Proper Fire Suppression System

Water can do as much if not more damage to data storage equipment. A clean agent fire suppression system can reduce the amount of damage to computer equipment while creating very little clean-up after the system discharges. Clean agent systems discharge a gas that suppresses the fire quickly and cleanly to extinguish fires inside enclosed equipment.

Hybrid water and mist systems use 75-90% less water and become activated well before sprinkler systems. These clean agent systems should be paired with comprehensive smoke detection systems.

Five “Fire Safety For Data Centers and Server Rooms” Best Practices

No matter if you are securing an existing data center or designing a new server room, we created a list of best practices and tips designed to protect your data, equipment, and employees.

1 Implement Fire-Resistant Construction Designs In Your Data Center and Server Room

Server rooms and data centers are vulnerable to fire. Fire-resistant construction materials add a layer of fire prevention. There are three levels of data center and server room fire protection.

Facility: Your facility should be designed to protect your data center and the people inside. Sprinkler systems, passive fire protection systems, handheld extinguishers, and firewalls should be in place to delay or prevent the fire from spreading throughout your building.

Server Room: Wet sprinkler systems, pre-action fire sprinkler systems,  or clean agent suppression systems are required by NFPA 75 and 76.

Server Racks: Rack-level fire suppression and fire detection systems can be installed to stop fires and reduce damage to your equipment.

2 Separate Your Data Center From Your IT Equipment Rooms

Keeping your IT equipment and data center separate is smart planning. Both areas are prone to fire hazards, and in the case of a fire, keeping the two areas separate will minimize damage.

3 Install Fire Protection and Suppression Systems

The NFPA 75 and 76 require the installation of fire alarm systems, fire sprinklers, and suppression systems in data centers and server rooms.

Deciding on a fire protection and suppression system? You will need to base your buying decision on which system will provide the best protection with the least amount of risk to your equipment. Systems that use minimal water will reduce clean-up and damage, and are among the best options.

4 Regularly Schedule Fire Protection Inspections and Training

A significant component in fire safety for data centers and server room plans is maintaining safety procedures and fire protection equipment. This starts with testing, inspections, evacuation plans, and staff training. Leadership must be committed to the fire safety plan and regular inspections of your equipment and fire protection system.

Employee training should include the proper use of a fire extinguisher and classes of fire.

Data centers and server rooms should be inspected regularly, equipment maintenance should be timely, expired fire extinguishers should be replaced in a timely manner, and equipment should be increased as your needs require. All fire protection systems should stay within NFPA standards.

5 Consult with a Data Center Fire Protection Professional

When building a new data center or retrofitting an existing one, consulting with a fire protection professional is one of the most important decisions you can make to complete the project correctly. Our team of experts will recommend the right equipment for your data facility.

Fire Safe Protection Services will ensure that you have the highest quality of equipment in place, that equipment is maintained and services regularly, and your employees are trained in its use.

Worried About Fire Safety For Data Centers and Server Rooms

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Fire Safety For Data Centers and Server Rooms