Types of Fire Detection

3 Main Types of Fire Detection Systems

The key to fire safety is early detection. Detecting a fire early allows occupants to exit the building in a calm, timely manner to avoid injury and harm. Proper notification can be sent to first responders and if they have building diagrams, they have the means to attack the fire at its source. In addition, fire detection may activate fire suppression measures built into the structure.

Commercial fire detection may include one or more of three detection methods: flame, heat, and smoke detection.

Flame Fire Detection System

As the name suggests, flame detection uses technology to monitor the presence of flames, as compared to smoke or heat. There are two basic types of flame detection equipment:

Heat Fire Detection System

Slightly a little less sophisticated, heat detection monitors heat in two ways.

Some heat detection application combines both methods that tolerate a slow increase in temperature, noted and prepared for, but recycles when the ambient temperature falls to reach the threshold for activation.

Heat detectors have a high-reliability rate, so they generate few false alarms. However, they are generally slower to identify a fire than other forms of detection. They are well suited for areas that experience significant steaminess, humidity, or dust.

Smoke Fire Detection System

Fire generates smoke and smoke tends to harm more people than fire. Smoke detection is familiar to most people since homes should have smoke detectors installed. Smoke detection uses three types of technology:

Aspirating Smoke Detectors

This very sophisticated smoke detection system samples the air and tests for particle levels in the air. If the particle level rises above a certain threshold, the alarm sounds. Aspirating smoke detectors are very reliable, resulting in few false alarms. A typical application may be around sensitive electrical equipment, to detect smoke before it can cause damage.

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Types of Fire Detection